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About us

Valley Computer Solutions is a specialist computer supply and support company. A full service supplier geared to assisting our clients on site, wherever that may be. We strive to provide excellent service, advice and after sales service and are continually working on improving aspects of our services. As well as focusing on our client needs, we understand that you need to have a dependable supplier who can provide not only good prices but good backup and after sales support.

We are based with a shopfront in Newborough, but as we mainly support clients out on site, we regularly travel between Gippsland and south east Melbourne.

A team of 4 dedicated technicians at all levels ensures you will receive expert service for simple or your highly technical computer and system issues.

We have been providing to home users and businesses, both large and small, since 1985. This said, we have a lot of valuable and loyal clients which we owe for a lot of our success. Come on in or give us a call and experience Valley Computer Solutions. If something is not working, we will find a solution!